Advanced Training

A View From The Beginning:
Principles of Development and Learning
Advanced Feldenkrais Training and Mentorship Program

This program is a two-part series conducted over a period of 20 months. Feldenkrais® practitioners and trainees following the completion of their second year of training are invited to apply.

The 2023-2024 series will focus on the development of pre-upright locomotion. The 2024-2025 program focus will be the development of upright locomotion.

Each year this program consists of one 3-day Intensive in the Fall, 7 weekends of ATM and FI Practicum from October through May. New students may join the program in the fall. The Fall Intensive can be taken as a stand alone advance training.

Through rigorous study and practice of unique ATM and FI lessons designed to deepen understanding of the highly conserved building blocks of human movement and action, the program offers a potent developmental perspective. Both series will serve to significantly quicken the pace of your engagement with and mastery of the Feldenkrais Method® inspiring a new level for creating positive influence and employing powerful strategies in your practice.

In this program you will:

  • refine your skills of analysis and observation of developmental movement patterns
  • study the emergence and progression of actions organizing efficient function
  • have continuing opportunity for supervised FI practice
  • have the opportunity to observe and discuss Functional Integration® lessons with infants, children, and adults throughout the year.


Q: What is unique about A View from the Beginning?
A: This training is organized around a very specific sequence of movement properties. Its framework gives students a focus for learning both in the training and in their practice.

Q: Why a developmental model?
A: In The Case of Nora, Moshe Feldenkrais wrote of accelerating learning by “presenting the experience under the conditions in which the human brain learned in the first place.” Developmental orientation allows us to investigate the properties that guided our learning “in the first place,” but this time with a new level of awareness, one that allows us to apply that learning to the learning of others. It focuses our learning in the training and provides a disciplined framework for working with others.

Q: Can this developmental approach can be helpful if I am working with adults?
A: Yes. The underlying properties of movement that drive children’s development continue to organize us throughout the lifespan. They are potent for working with both children and adults.

Q: Who is this training program for?
A: This program is designed for third- and fourth-year trainees and for practitioners who would like to deepen their understanding of the Feldenkrais Method®.