Who we are

Children all over the world are affected by developmental difficulties and disabilities ranging from severe to mild, all of which affect the future, quality of life and mental, physical and emotional health of these children.

The Field Center for Children brings the gift of hope and the possibility of improved functioning to all of the affected children fortunate enough to participate in its learning journey.

The Field Center for Children's Integrated Development (The Field Center), a nonprofit 501c3 tax-exempt organization, was founded in 1999 by Lisa and Mike Kirwan with the support, expertise and guidance of Sheryl Field after witnessing first hand their daughter's “no hope” prognosis by the many experts they consulted at renowned medical institutions into one of discovery and progress with Sheryl Field using the Feldenkrais Method.

Ali KirwinAli Kirwin was born with serious neurological problems that led to an unusually early diagnosis of cerebral palsy with little hope of ever walking, sitting or even holding her head up. Today Ali not only sits, walks and talks, she attends a mainstream school (See Ali's Story) as a result of her fortunate encounter with the Feldenkrais Method and Sheryl Field.

Ali's amazing progress inspired the birth of The Field Center and it's mission: to bring Sheryl Field's 30 years of experience advancing the powerful Feldenkrais Method into as many children's lives as possible.

With this mission in mind, The Field Center's focus is to offer:

  • Intervention programs specifically for infants and children at risk for or presenting with developmental difficulties.
  • Educational programs for parent's and caregivers of such children.
  • Professional development programs providing education and training for practitioners interested in development and/or working with children.
  • Research to increase awareness and understanding of the Feldenkrais Method For Children.

Sheryl FieldThe executive director of The Field Center, Sheryl Field trained in Israel and in the United States with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, the founder of the Feldenkrais Method. She is one of the few Feldenkrais practitioners in the world who has extended the method to working to improve the functioning of infants and children with motor disorders and developmental difficulties.